Who is Dr. Brent Smith?

Why it matters who you choose for your facial plastic surgery procedure “Helping a patient achieve a desired look when a facial feature is bothersome to them is very fun and gratifying for me,” says Dr. Brent J. Smith. “In other medical fields, people don’t necessarily want to be at the doctor’s office. In plastic […] more »

Why a Natural Look is a Better Option with a Mini Facelift

No reward for how tight the skin of the face can be pulled One of the greatest concerns people have about getting cosmetic surgery is the risk of looking unnatural. We have all seen the unsightly “operated on” looks, especially among Hollywood celebrities and people in the media. In fact many individuals say they can […] more »

The Facts about Modern Facelift Recovery

Healing from a mini cheek & neck lift is not like the old days Facelift recovery is widely misunderstood. The Web spreads all kinds of rumors. Friends and family seem to have their own slightly altered versions of how the face heals. The result? Misinformation makes patients anxious, creating an emotional roller coaster during the […] more »

3 Common Signs of Aging You Can Overcome

Our faces are a complex fusion of skin, fat, muscle and bones—all of which can change dramatically as we age. At Smith Cosmetic Surgery, we counsel people every day who know that their smooth, youthful appearance has changed, but they’re not sure why or how to start combating those common signs of aging. Before Dr. […] more »

Got Tech Neck? Treating the Modern Version of ‘Turkey Neck’

Don’t let this modern version of ‘turkey neck’ drag you down After 25 years of practicing cosmetic surgery on the face, I know that delicate necks are one of the first places we show signs of aging. The inevitable “turkey neck” comes for us all—only now it’s happening even earlier. After seeing a huge influx […] more »

Cold, dry, winded. 

That describes Colorado’s harsh weather this time of year—and quite possibly also the feel of your skin. When you look in the mirror, what do you see? Tired-looking eyes? Dry or rough looking facial features? New wrinkles amplified by parched skin? If so, you’re not alone. Cold winter weather, combined with Colorado’s extra-dry climate and […] more »

New year. New you!

It’s 2015. Is this your year to become the best you can be? Embrace a fresh start: Uncover your true inner image and enhance your facial features to express all the beauty you possess on the inside. Welcome to Smith Cosmetic Surgery. For over 25 years, Denver’s faithful facial plastic surgeon, Dr. Brent J. Smith, […] more »