Facial Rejuvenation: The Holiday Gift that Keeps on Giving

The holiday season is upon us, and this year it’s time to give someone you love (including you!) the ultimate gift: a rejuvenating facial procedure from Dr. Brent Smith and Smith Cosmetic Surgery! When you think about the long term benefits of facial plastic surgery —a refreshed and rejuvenated look, not to mention new confidence—there’s […] more »

Eyelift Surgery: Pros and Cons

There is no doubt that an eyelift can work wonders on the eyes, creating a refreshed and rejuvenated look, whether the cosmetic procedure is performed above or below the eyes—or in combination. As patients begin to consider and plan for an eyelift, it’s important to weigh the benefits and potential risks. Here are a couple […] more »

CareCredit: The Solution to Cosmetic Surgery Financing

People used to think that cosmetic facial surgery was only for the rich and famous.  Not only have advancements in plastic surgery made facial cosmetic procedures more affordable for a wider variety of patients worldwide, there are also easier options for financing your new look over time. Today, financial roadblocks to achieving the kind of […] more »

Common Myths About Facelifts

The facelift, or mini-facelift as we refer to it, is among the top three most desired facial plastic surgery procedures performed in the U.S. today. With the facelift’s popularity comes a great deal of information—and misinformation. As you consider having a facelift, it’s important that you know the facts. Smith Cosmetic Surgery would like to […] more »

Join Renowned Plastic Surgeon for ‘An Evening of Beauty’

Thursday, October 8 6:30-9 p.m. Palazzo Verdi Event Center Greenwood Village, Colorado You are cordially invited to join Denver plastic surgeon Dr. Brent J. Smith, Colorado’s most trusted facial plastic surgeon, for “An Evening of Beauty”, where he will inspire you to uncover a more beautiful and confident future.  If you’ve ever considered facial plastic […] more »

Benefits of a Cosmetic Surgery Consultation

A thorough consultation is the best way to ensure that elective facial plastic surgery is right for you. Not all plastic surgeons are willing to spend time talking to patients about procedures, recovery, emotional support and payment options. However, after 25 years of guiding patients, Denver plastic surgeon Dr. Brent J. Smith knows there’s a […] more »

Helpful Tips for Summer in the Sun

With the summer comes added fun in the sun. However, that mood may change when you start to notice the creeping consequences of too much time exposed to intense UV rays: wrinkles, discoloration, sun spots, and dry, cracked skin, among other side effects. The good news is it’s never too late to start protecting your […] more »

Who is Dr. Brent Smith?

Why it matters who you choose for your facial plastic surgery procedure “Helping a patient achieve a desired look when a facial feature is bothersome to them is very fun and gratifying for me,” says Dr. Brent J. Smith. “In other medical fields, people don’t necessarily want to be at the doctor’s office. In plastic […] more »

Why a Natural Look is a Better Option with a Mini Facelift

No reward for how tight the skin of the face can be pulled One of the greatest concerns people have about getting cosmetic surgery is the risk of looking unnatural. We have all seen the unsightly “operated on” looks, especially among Hollywood celebrities and people in the media. In fact many individuals say they can […] more »

The Facts about Modern Facelift Recovery

Healing from a mini cheek & neck lift is not like the old days Facelift recovery is widely misunderstood. The Web spreads all kinds of rumors. Friends and family seem to have their own slightly altered versions of how the face heals. The result? Misinformation makes patients anxious, creating an emotional roller coaster during the […] more »