Benefits of a Cosmetic Surgery Consultation

rejuvenated older woman

A thorough consultation is the best way to ensure that elective facial plastic surgery is right for you. Not all plastic surgeons are willing to spend time talking to patients about procedures, recovery, emotional support and payment options.

However, after 25 years of guiding patients, Denver plastic surgeon Dr. Brent J. Smith knows there’s a special relationship that starts with a face-to-face consultation. “It’s so important for a doctor to meet the patient first,” he says. “They are interviewing me to see if they are comfortable with my skills and results, and it’s my job to see if their goals are realistic and help them determine if they are in my office for the right reasons.”

Unlike commission-paid consultants at some plastic surgery offices, Dr. Smith is not motivated by a speed-and-greed approach to building clientele. In fact, he always advises patients about what’s most safe, healthy and effective when it comes to sustainable enhancements on the face. “A patient may not always know what’s best for them, but during a consultation we can talk about the route that will benefit them the most—even if it may be different from what they envisioned,” he says.

Each complimentary Smith Cosmetic Surgery consultation includes:

  • Discussion: in-depth, in-person evaluation with Dr. Smith
  • Imaging: advanced computer imaging simulates a preview of your personal surgical results (with free printout to take home)
  • Results: review of testimonials and “before and after” photos of Smith Cosmetic Surgery patients

“I like patients to bring in old pictures of themselves and if possible come with a significant other who will support them through the process,” Dr. Smith says. “I can look at their features and talk about procedures and costs, but even more exciting is taking photos and putting them on our imaging computer to give them a window into the future.”

Making you more comfortable

An in-depth consultation also helps Dr. Smith and his professional staff learn more about you and what will make you most comfortable before, during and after your procedure. The medical environment at Smith Cosmetic Surgery is designed with special features to make our patients feel calm, supported and informed.
We voluntarily certify our surgical suite with safety and sterility measures comparable to hospital-grade facilities, and our clinical staff is trained in helpful, hands-on pre- and post-operative care procedures to ensure maximum comfort and emotional support throughout your journey. Learn the importance of being an accredited facility and what it means for your care here:

When you’re ready, call us to schedule a complimentary consultation with Dr. Smith at a time that’s convenient for you. We welcome the opportunity to meet you and explore all of the options to help you achieve a natural and refreshed result!

Helpful Tips for Summer in the Sun

With the summer comes added fun in the sun. However, that mood may change when you start to notice the creeping consequences of too much time exposed to intense UV rays: wrinkles, discoloration, sun spots, and dry, cracked skin, among other side effects. The good news is it’s never too late to start protecting your skin from the sun. Here are some tips to keep your skin healthy for the long haul. Continue reading “Helpful Tips for Summer in the Sun”

Who is Dr. Brent Smith?

Why it matters who you choose for your facial plastic surgery procedure

“Helping a patient achieve a desired look when a facial feature is bothersome to them is very fun and gratifying for me,” says Dr. Brent J. Smith. “In other medical fields, people don’t necessarily want to be at the doctor’s office. In plastic surgery, the relationship between the doctor and patient is special—they want to be there.” Continue reading “Who is Dr. Brent Smith?”

Why a Natural Look is a Better Option with a Mini Facelift

Beautiful Skin

No reward for how tight the skin of the face can be pulled

One of the greatest concerns people have about getting cosmetic surgery is the risk of looking unnatural. We have all seen the unsightly “operated on” looks, especially among Hollywood celebrities and people in the media.

In fact many individuals say they can spot a facelift from a mile away. In reality what they’re spotting are the bad facelifts, likely performed by inexperienced doctors. A well-done mini facelift simply enhances and restores natural features, amplifying what nature gave you, while minimizing the obvious signs of aging—wrinkles, loose skin and decreased elasticity.

Just like you might take supplements to maintain your health as you age, we consider facial rejuvenation—whether it’s a chemical peel, cheek filler or facial plastic surgery—just another aspect of maintaining a healthy, appearance. But to achieve that feeling of rejuvenation, results must be natural. No deer-in-the-headlights eyes. No Hollywood hollow cheeks. No duck lips. A good plastic surgeon should never turn you into someone you never were; they should simply turn back time.

To achieve that, Smith Cosmetic Surgery always emphasizes conservatism rather than being over-aggressive. In fact, disguising or hiding the “work” is the inspiration behind Dr. Smith’s art. Unlike physicians who perform procedures over the entire body, Dr. Smith has exclusively focused on facial cosmetic procedures for over 25 years. His goal is simply to help patients look more like themselves—only better—earning him a highly respected spot in the field of natural-looking mini lifts and facial plastic surgery as a whole.

“There is no reward for how tight the skin of the face can be made,” says Dr. Smith. “We want all facial features to have the natural softness that is present at a more youthful age. Our greatest compliment is when our patients report that no one is able to tell that they have had cosmetic surgery.”

The big reveal

So how do we do it? To make Smith Cosmetic Surgery patients look like younger versions of themselves—without any of the telltale signs of a surgical procedure—we start by addressing the supportive tissues under the skin. Elevating these tissues, using the latest surgical techniques, creates a natural “draping” of the skin over the jaw line, leading to a rejuvenated, yet un-operated look. Likewise, when performing eyelid surgery, we preserve natural folds and contours, carefully restoring a more youthful appearance.

The goal of cosmetic surgery is not to see how taut you can make a facial feature, but to reveal more youthful features that were present previously. It’s this technique that delivers the results that make people feel proud and comfortable in their skin. Interested in seeing some before and after photos of Dr. Smith’s famously natural looks? Give Smith Cosmetic Surgery a call today to see how you can start turning back time—naturally. You will meet directly with Dr. Smith and the consultation is complimentary. You can even see an advance preview of your surgical results through state-of-the-art computer imaging.

The Facts about Modern Facelift Recovery

Rejuvenated Older WomanHealing from a mini cheek & neck lift is not like the old days

Facelift recovery is widely misunderstood. The Web spreads all kinds of rumors. Friends and family seem to have their own slightly altered versions of how the face heals. The result? Misinformation makes patients anxious, creating an emotional roller coaster during the decision-making process.

We certainly understand why. A couple of decades ago, a facelift meant making invasive incisions around the whole face and attempting to lift up everything at once. The recovery from that procedure required a lot of downtime. Today, the mini cheek and neck lift that we perform uses advanced surgical techniques to target specific areas of the face. After all, if your brow is beautiful, why change it? This tailored approach also makes healing from a facelift that much faster.

What every person wants—and deserves—to know about facelift recovery is the truth. No rehashed stories about an eight-week recovery process. No new-fangled healing quick fixes that don’t do what they promise. Just good, old-fashioned honesty about what you can expect following your facial plastic surgery procedure.

At Smith Cosmetic Surgery, we have one significant advantage in the realm of recovery. Dr. Smith focuses exclusively on the face, and has for over 25 years. That means he’s not only got those petite incisions, musculature manipulation and skin smoothing procedures down to a science, but he’s also become a well-known “artist” in the specialized field of creating a natural-looking appearance. So instead of creating a taught, extreme version of the old you, he simply turns back time to expose the more youthful you.

Rapid Recovery—just for you

Along with a sole focus on the face—making you look like a better version of what you were gifted naturally—comes a recovery process that is equally targeted, gentle and compassionate during the inevitably emotional healing time. We call Dr. Smith’s customized five-day follow-up care Rapid Recovery. TM

Built on two decades of watching and learning how faces heal best, our in-house speed-recovery process combines a “supercharging” hyperbaric oxygen bed, laser and LED-light treatments, specifically formulated anti-aging supplements, plus all the psychological reassurance and TLC you need along the way. It all adds up to about two weeks of external healing to make the new you date-night ready. You’ll still be recovering internally for a few months, but a more rejuvenated version of your external beauty will already be shining through.

Have additional questions about recovery after a mini facelift? Call us for a little extra piece of mind. Better yet, come in for a complimentary consultation to see how we can customize and simplify facial cosmetic surgery—and recovery—just for you.

3 Common Signs of Aging You Can Overcome

Signs of aging Apr eCRM RealOur faces are a complex fusion of skin, fat, muscle and bones—all of which can change dramatically as we age. At Smith Cosmetic Surgery, we counsel people every day who know that their smooth, youthful appearance has changed, but they’re not sure why or how to start combating those common signs of aging.

Before Dr. Brent Smith, Colorado’s premier facial cosmetic surgeon, customizes an individual treatment plan designed to turn back time, he feels it’s important that each patient understand some of the ways our faces age.

Decreasing volume. Age-related changes typically lead to a decrease in facial fat, causing bones to reshape around such biological shifts. This often creates a thinning look that’s most obvious in the “hollowed” contours of the cheeks and other progressively “sunken” areas of the face.

Increasing looseness. As we age, skin naturally becomes more lax and less supple. Muscles, fascia (thick tissue) and collagen that support facial curves weaken over time, and gravity takes its toll. Skin laxity or “sagging” skin leads to diminished definition as the building blocks of the face break down.

Changing coloration. Our sensitive facial skin can only take so much. Both internal and external factors, such as sun exposure, changing hormones and even genetic variables, eventually damage melanin, or the skin’s natural pigment.

However, the beauty of aging today is … we don’t really have to! Technological advances in medical-grade skin care products, laser resurfacing and facial plastic surgery procedures are giving patients exciting ways to regain their youthful appearance of the past.

Smith Cosmetic Surgery guides their patients through a plan tailored for each individual face. For some, it starts with intensifying a daily skin care routine with a scientifically advanced physician-only skincare line. A step up from taking care of aging skin topically is a non-surgical laser treatment, such fractional CO2 laser skin renewal and hyper-pigmented lesion treatments. For those struggling with decreasing volume and lines across the forehead and around the eyes, facial injectables like Juvederm and Botox have also become lifelines.

For people who are ready to make a more permanent move to a natural, more youthful look, we recommend the popular mini-facelift, an all-inclusive solution to address common age-related side effects including double chin and “turkey neck.”

Selecting a facial cosmetic surgeon is an important decision. Dr. Brent Smith is a highly skilled and dedicated surgeon with compassion and credentials. If you are looking for a cosmetic facial specialist with a kind heart and an impressive record, call Smith Cosmetic Surgery today at 303.741.2211 for a complimentary consultation directly with Dr. Brent Smith. It would be our pleasure to meet with you and explore some customized options that can help you “turn back the hands of time”!

Got Tech Neck? Treating the Modern Version of ‘Turkey Neck’

Tech neck Mar eCRM realDon’t let this modern version of ‘turkey neck’ drag you down

After 25 years of practicing cosmetic surgery on the face, I know that delicate necks are one of the first places we show signs of aging. The inevitable “turkey neck” comes for us all—only now it’s happening even earlier.

After seeing a huge influx in patients as young as 20 years old with acute neck-related muscle and pre-mature skin problems, my fellow health professionals coined the modern term “tech neck.”

While there are several culprits that contribute to a “turkey neck” such as lifestyle, genetics, and weight gain, some might be surprised to learn that staring down at devices for hours while typing, texting or reading from a variety of un-ergonomic positions can play a role as well. We’re all guilty of hyperextending our necks while texting and watching the tube or reading in the low-light and low angles of our beds.

The problem is this strain is causing real pain, not to mention unsightly early wrinkling in the collagen-light skin around the neck. In fact, tilting the neck down just 2 to 3 extra inches adds an additional 27 pounds of stress to the spine, while creating premature skin folds in the process.

A heads up for your neck

But don’t fret just yet; it’s never too late to start fighting the effects of too much technology time:

Go ergo: Make an effort to spend screen time in a more ergonomic position. Consider using a prop to create the optimal viewing angle.

Back sleep, please: When possible, sleep on your back with a rounded pillow, which lessens the strain on your neck region and facial skin.

Shun smokes & sun: Lifestyle changes like stopping smoking, avoiding significant weight gain/loss and staying out of the sun will help too.

Don’t neglect your neck: Apply daily sunscreen to the neck, an often-neglected area, to slow signs of aging due to UV exposure.

Skin repair care: Add to your skincare routine a physician-directed glycolic-acid lotion, preferably formulated specifically for the neck region.

Rejuvenate & refresh: Look into some temporary, non-surgical skin rejuvenation options to help tone the skin, but don’t expect a miracle. There’s no magic laser or pill yet proven to tighten neck skin like a surgical procedure.

Seamless surgery: Research the long-term reprieve a cheek and neck lift can provide. Smith Cosmetic Surgery’s mini facelift, or cheek and neck lift, can reverse accelerated signs of aging in the cheek, jowl and neck area.

Want to discuss surgical and non-surgical solutions? Give us a call at 303.741.2211 and I will guide you through your choices during a complimentary consultation.

Cold, dry, winded. 

Snowy Feb Ecrm RealThat describes Colorado’s harsh weather this time of year—and quite possibly also the feel of your skin. When you look in the mirror, what do you see?

Tired-looking eyes?

Dry or rough looking facial features?

New wrinkles amplified by parched skin?

If so, you’re not alone. Cold winter weather, combined with Colorado’s extra-dry climate and intense sun, can take a real toll on skin and delicate faces.  Are you looking for options to help rejuvenate and refresh your outer appearance?  Smith Cosmetic Surgery offers a wide array of products and procedures to help nourish your skin and complexion, giving you that youthful, soft appearance from years past.

Dr. Smith, exclusively dedicated to facial enhancement procedures for 25 years, and our expert clinical skincare staff can introduce you to some of today’s most popular skin-rejuvenating and laser resurfacing procedures, and help you turn back the hands of time.

Whether you explore a non-surgical facial treatment or temporary injectable, or are ready to learn about that “little procedure” that is sculpted just for you, don’t let another season pass before you start taking care of yourself as well as you take care of others!

Contact Smith Cosmetic Surgery Center today at 303-741-2211 and let us help you re-discover a relaxed, refreshed and healthy outer appearance!

New year. New you!

Start New Year With A new LookIt’s 2015. Is this your year to become the best you can be? Embrace a fresh start: Uncover your true inner image and enhance your facial features to express all the beauty you possess on the inside.

Welcome to Smith Cosmetic Surgery. For over 25 years, Denver’s faithful facial plastic surgeon, Dr. Brent J. Smith, has been helping patients discover all the self-confidence that comes from a beautiful, natural-looking appearance.

“My goal is to help you find harmony between the inner and outer,” says Dr. Smith. “Cosmetic surgery provides the opportunity to bring the physical image in sync with your inner image.”

Your journey starts now.

When you look in the mirror, what do you see? Have you ever felt like you just don’t look quite as good as you feel? If so, you’re not alone. Whether it’s that bit of excess skin under your neck, those bothersome wrinkles around your mouth, or tired-looking eyes that have your attention, now’s the perfect moment to discover how Smith Cosmetic Surgery Center can help you achieve a refreshed and relaxed look.

Unlike other generalist plastic surgeons, Dr. Smith is 100% focused on facial procedures. He’s a highly skilled and trained artist, a perfectionist—the good kind—who considers each patient’s journey in a truly personal and individual manner.

If you’re ready to explore how Dr. Smith and his exceptional staff can start you on your journey to a more youthful and rested appearance, we invite you to call us today at 303-741-2211 for your complimentary, confidential consultation.

Happy New Year! We look forward to seeing in in 2015!