The five-day, speed-recovery process uses measured combination of “supercharging” hyperbaric oxygen, laser and LED-light treatments, and specifically formulated skincare products. The in-house Rapid Recovery Program™ also allows you to call on our staff for additional psychological reassurance and support as you uncover the new you.


Hyperbaric oxygen: Beginning the day after surgery, five 1-hour sessions will super-oxygenate the body, proven to heal skin up to twice as fast, help fight infection, and decrease bruising and swelling by as much as 35% one week post-operatively.

Lasers: Two precise Cynosure Photo Genica V-star laser applications are administered directly to incision sites to help reduce redness and diminish scarring inflammation.

LED light: Two natural, light-only Omnilux™ treatments assist the skin in quickly regenerating new tissue.

Skincare supplements: A 30-day supply of professional phytonutrient VitaMedica® supplements will help you continue fast-paced healing from the comfort of your homes.